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Pharma Franchise for Dry Syrups– We are glad to introduce ourselves as the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Company in Chandigarh, with a wide range of products. We also deal with Pharma Franchise and PCD Pharma Franchise Business. We come to the top of the list of PCD companies by continuously delivering quality medicines in the relevant market and the pharmaceutical sector. Our continuous efforts in delivering the quality medicines made us the top Pharma Franchise for Dry Syrups.

By providing such business opportunity, our primary objective is to render undeniable pharmaceutical administrations of PCD Pharma franchise establishment, PCD Pharma on a monopoly basis and Pharma establishment.  From the last few decades, there is a sudden hike in the demand of quality Dry Syrups. We have been striving hard to come over the scarcity of Dry Syrups range all over India.  You can associate with us for taking such Pharma Franchise for Dry Syrups.

Dry Syrups are a dry powder or re-constitutable oral Suspensions. They are a part of the Oral suspension that requires the addition of water at the time of suspension. Thus, there are a higher chance of getting success in this particular business sector. For more details about this, feel free to contact us anytime.

Our Mission to Provide Pharma Franchise for Dry Syrups

  • To continuously bring newer and innovative top quality products and help in providing a cure for prevalent diseases.
  • To conduct our business with the highest regard for honesty and integrity.
  •  To continuously strive for achieving excellence in all our thoughts, actions and deeds.
  • To demonstrate professionalism and respect for others in all our interactions.

We have a Vast Product Portfolio For Dry Syrup

Our company is Profound Pharma Franchise Company of India, known for its A Grade Quality of products. There is the widest range of critical care medicines which includes tablets, capsules, dry syrups, sachet, dental range, liquid, drops, and injections. etc.Anti Anemia, Gynee, Anti Biotics, Anti Diarrhoeal, Laxative, Anti Histamine, Anti Allergic, Anti cold, Expectorant, Antitussive (Cough Syrup), etc. Here is the list of few Dry syrup products.

  1. A2L
  2. A2L-JR
  5. ADONI
  6. AZIK 200 DROPS

We Deliver 100% Quality Assurance

Aden Health Care is a quality-driven organization and is fully committed to providing reliable, safe and high-quality medicines, at an optimum cost. The entire range of products is processed using predetermined, high-quality ingredients and the latest technology machines. Each product is subjected to stringent testing as per the approved manufacturing formula, using predefined and approved test methods.  Our product portfolio always caters to the expectation of our clients in terms of quality formulation, packaging as well as timely delivery. Through our well-support manufacturing facility, we deal with Multiple Drug ranges we never compromise the quality of our product that covers various ranges.

Investment on Pharma franchise dry syrup business

Pharma Franchise is widely spreading business in the present and will grow more in the coming year. Here are some points which can make you Force to invest in this business.


One of the most important benefits of it is that it can decrease your operating expenses. With Third-Party Manufacturing, you can get your brand name products most reasonably.


With your product, you can sell the product to a wider audience across the country in numerous ways.


The Manufacturer ensures that your products are manufactured in GMP + ISO Certified facilities providing high-quality products at all times. Many companies work for quality but not for sale Aden Health care is an ISO certified company and manufacture WHO-GMP certified products.


Because the third party manufacturer manages all the designing & production parts on your behalf. You can focus on your core operations like sales. You don’t have to worry about the process from the start to an end.

Why Associates With Us for Dry Syrups Pharma Franchise?

Our company is a well known Pharma Company in India. We are a quality-oriented firm who never believes in lean practices. Our mission is to create a global healthcare system for the betterment of humankind. Our vision and principles are unflinching and we never compromise on quality. We are a spirited pharmaceuticals firm that is looking for members for the Pharma franchise for dry syrups. The franchise proposal is open to all parts of India. We are covering major cities, districts and uncovered parts if India.

Here are the benefits of being our franchise member:

  • Monopoly rights to all members.
  • Wide list of dry syrups for the franchise.
  • Marketing support is provided.
  • Regular medical updates are given.
  • Excise duty-free manufacturing.
  • Genuine investment planning.

Aden Health care is a more profound Company in Pharmaceutical areas. Our Company has received many certificates and rewards from the government regarding the rich delivering quality of our medical range. As our company provides a diverse scope of multi-dimensional pharmaceutical products. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us anytime. We are always there to help you out.

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